Finding a job

While using Internet searches and visiting the sites of specific employers can provide promising leads for employment, there are also numerous tools and resources available to help you in your search.

Government of Canada resources

The Government of Canada provides several resources to help newcomers get settled in Canada:

  • Explore an occupation allows you to produce a free report on job opportunities, wages, qualifications, and skill requirements tailored to your occupation and location in Canada.
  • Services for Newcomers to Canada details available programs that cover a broad range of topics and provide guidance on finding a place to live, getting language training, finding a job, and more.

Government jobs

GC Jobs lists job opportunities in the federal public service. You can also check municipal and provincial websites for public service jobs in the place where you plan to live.

Job fairs

Job fairs are events that allow businesses and organizations to promote themselves and recruit new employees, and where job seekers can build networks and learn about organizations they may want to work for. You can often learn about them in the same places where you find job postings.

Recruitment agencies

Recruitment agencies are organizations that help connect you with employers who are hiring, on behalf of the employers. These agencies can often help with your cover letters, résumés, and job interview preparation. Many of their services are free, although some may charge for writing assistance.

Bridging programs

Bridging programs help professionals improve their employability by offering guidance, training, and volunteering opportunities. To locate information on available bridging programs, your best bet is to visit websites of federal, provincial, and municipal government; engineering regulators; and immigrant serving agencies.


Related Information

Find your provincial or territorial regulator

To work as a professional engineer in one of Canada's provinces or territories, you must receive a licence from that province or territory's engineering association.