Engineers Canada, with funding from Citizenship and Immigration Canada, has developed this website to provide a single source of information to international engineering graduates looking to become licensed engineers in Canada. This website has information on a range of topics such as getting licensed, finding the right employment, fitting into the Canadian engineering profession, and immigration to Canada.

Over the years, Engineers Canada has developed a number of processes to make access to the profession easier for international engineering graduates. We hope that this website will help you make better informed decisions about a career in engineering in Canada.

About Engineers Canada

Engineers Canada is the national organization of the provincial and territorial associations that regulate the practice of engineering in Canada and license the country's 290,000 members of the engineering profession. It serves the associations by delivering national programs that ensure the highest standards of engineering education, professional qualifications and professional practice.

Find your provincial or territorial regulator

To work as a professional engineer in one of Canada's provinces or territories, you must receive a licence from that province or territory's engineering association.